Medical Support

Each year a HIS medical team, consisting of doctors and nurses from Oklahoma and surrounding states, travel to Niger to assist with medical needs in rural villages. The medical team visits villages, administering treatment for numerous needs, including open wounds, malnutrition, and malaria, the leading cause of death in Niger.

In collaboration with Humedica International, a German humanitarian aid organization, a hospital was built in Kollo - a city in Niger with a population of 50,000 - which represents 450,000 people in the region. Initially established for the treatment of malnourished babies, the hospital is being further developed to be provide an ever-increasing range of medical assistance. The latest step in this development was the opening of a wing of long-term patient rooms.

In the rainy season, one of the primary tasks of HIS becomes the distribution of mosquito nets to actively combat the spread of malaria.

Operation Blessing International supports HIS by helping to distribute medicine in the cities and rural communities.