Water Well Drilling

Clean safe drinking water remains the major challenge for a majority of the population of Niger, especially in the rural areas. Getting water for the family is the duty of the women in most villages. Existing water sources (open shallow hand-dug wells) are often contaminated with insects and animal and human waste. Typhoid Fever, Hepatitis A and water-born parasites are frequently the result of consuming the unclean water.

HIS in conjunction with Operation Blessing International, several churches in Oklahoma and other partners are funding the drilling and development of water wells for the most vulnerable communities in this country. Originated in 2005, the program has made a significant difference. Recently, the Oklahoma drill team opted to update their drilling equipment. A used trailer-mounted diesel powered drilling rig was purchased, rebuilt and shipped to Niger. This unit has streamlined the drilling and completion of water wells, enabling additional villages and surrounding areas to be blessed with abundant clean water.